Lucy Has Worms

A 45-minute documentary about Lucy Lau Bigham and her efforts to introduce a silk industry to women in rural Kenya.

Lucy is a native of Makueni County in Kenya. She is a textile surface designer with a BA in Design from University of Nairobi and an MA in International Business Analysis from University of Northampton.  

And now she's building a textile industry from scratch by training the rural women in Makueni County to rear silkworms.

“I never really earned a lot of money in my life. Never. But I've had great experiences.”

- Lucy 


Thanks to everyone who attended the invitational screening of Lucy Has Worms at the Icebox Project Space.

It was a great night at a fantastic venue.

About the Film

The Documentary

Makueni County

Lucy Has Worms is the remarkable story of Lucy Lau Bigham's relentless commitment and vision to help rural Kenyan women in a small Akamba community - one silkworm at a time. 

Icebox Project Space


Thanks to the Icebox Project Space for hosting the invitational screening of Lucy Has Worms.

Donations can still be made at to  support Lucy and the women silk farmers in Wote, Kenya.

The Filmmakers

Gage Johnston Mark Weinstein on location in Kenya

Over a three-year period, documentary filmmaker Gage Johnston and her collaborating partner, Mark Weinstein, shot and edited over 100 hours of footage to tell Lucy's story of how she's dedicating her life to revitalizing her community with silkworms and  textiles.


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